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King Gyanendra Very Good

King Gyanendra's New recent photo
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Added 05 Feb 2010 JohnBhatt

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1 Mayank   [Entry]
Let me ask you all something THE PEACEFUL ELECTION ?? . MAOISTS STOP KILLING PEOPLE AND COME TO THE FRONT LINE ???everyone had peedictrd that the election wasnt near we had the election it was peaceful.. and successfull we can hear from people that they had actually voted for maoists scared people did not go to the villages to market themselves.. thats their problem . there was an international eye in nepal maoists wouldnt really ruin themselves so they wouldnt have done anything to the candidates.. the loosers were just too afraid to go and market themselves so you voted girija earlier in 2046 why dont u blame urself for voting him first???atleast under his regime.. we kicked the king's ass out atleast under his regime.. we made maoists stop killing people and if u are mad at him.. for being greedy well u voted him as ur servant u control him . girija is doing the best he can if you don't like it, TALK and kick him out ppl have kicked the king out.. and we're crying about girija here? so you were all at home . when we did all that andolan trying to kick gyanendra out huh? coz if we don't like somehting.. atleast i go out on the street and fight and because of people like ME.. there is almost loktantra now . in nepal and people have voted for maoists so its their job to check that they do the right thing.. and they work according to their goshana patra . if not and if people are not aware its the same story again as i see.. it still is shame on you guys! participate.. it was praja tantra then.. and u let girija handle it its lok tantra now.. so don't repeat the same mistake again they're the servents.. we're the BOSS coz its LOK TANTRA.. just like praja tantra before its US who rule the country and if we leave them alone ofcourse they ll do what they want . AND JUST LIKE YOU HAVE BLAMED GIRIJA ON THE COMMENTS . ekdam funny .. YOU CANT BLAME A SERVENT THAT YOU VOTED TO WORK FOR YOU IF YOU DO NOT CARE WHAT HE DOES .. he is under ur control.. and u do not care.. and just talk bullshit about him ok its a new nepal now hope ppl will participate

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